50+ Sad Quotes in Nepali 2020

50+ Sad Quotes in Nepali 2020

50+ Sad Quotes in Nepali 2020
Friday, 13 November 2020

Sad Quotes in Nepali - A Complete 50+ Best Nepali Sad Quotes 2020, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter shared these Quotes.

50+ Sad Quotes in Nepali 2020

Sad Quotes in Nepali

Hello, Friends, I am LM Basu. Today Maile Yaha 50+ Sad Quotes in Nepali Ma liyara Ayako chhu. Jasma Sad Ka Kura or Felling laai Samitiyako chha. if you find Best Sad 100+ Status for Facebook Then click garna Saknu Hunchha.

Best Sad Quotes 2020

  1. After joining Breakup is Ray, that's what happened to me.
  2. I love to be more unhappy, I am left.
  3. Leave me, I just remember.
  4. Marriage is just a little more than just after getting married.
  5. It is full of fun to get to sleep, get rid of it.
  6. Perhaps my luck is written, just left.
  7. If I do not agree, I will give you a Breakup.
  8. Love me a lot, Never Breakup Us.
  9. Most of them cried while breaking up.
  10. I'm on my way.

Mathi diyaka top 10 Sad Quotes in Nepali Ma hernu vayo, aba tapaile yaha tala diya Dherai Sad Quotes Read Garna Saknu Hunchha.

  • The difference is not your desire, to get a different attitude, go away.

  • The world is selfish, I am also selfish.

  • How would you like to have others in mind?

  • You do not like me, do not like it.

  • If so, love to meet, do not have to worry.

  • The betrayal is known to be deceived.

  • Go away from me, forget, mermaid.

  • Who was there without you?

  • Look at me, you left me.

50+ Sad Quotes in Nepali 2020

I remember the old day, seeing myself.

You went wrong, I went away.

Nothing like you is,

Sad Quotes in Nepali and will not happen.

Why have you seen your dream again today?

I could not open as much as I could hurt.

Shutter changed me.

Life is short, dreams are very lazy.

Missing moments are missing.

Why did I betray my mind?

  • Happiness in success, and unhappy at fail.

  • My heart and heart trumpet, breakup.

  • Keep away from my love world.

  • What do I leave from my mind and body?

  • After all, there was a lie.

  • You are not mine, who are you?

  • Oh my God, doing my breakup was a mistake.

  • Could not save love.

  • You dreamed of being a dangling dream.

TopicSad Quotes in Nepali

It's impossible to become mine.

Who is a man without a breakup in life?

Why let me go away?

Hey I love you more than you ever

Never lose our love.

How many days have passed, how many nights have passed in your memory?

I am going away from you every day.

I'm in your mind whether you are in my mind.

Why do you get away from me?

All the happiness was looted in your name.

  • I have a smile for you.

  • Do not leave me with love for two days.

  • How much do you love, and what you love?

  • If you have a good ring, I'm fine, I'm fine.

  • The works I have done and the pages I write are immortal.

  • One day I will die too.

  • I can not tolerate the pain of you.

Yadi Tapaile Last Samma Read Garnu Vayako Chha Vane, Pakkai Pani Intrest Mannu Vayako Hola, Yaha Tapaile Sad Quotes in Nepali Maa Read Garera Copy Garna Saknu Hunchha,

  • My heart and my heart are bound to bind you.

  • Of course, what should I do and to give the right to your life?

  • Papini left her eyes and looked at her.

  • Breakup Casey says

  • If you like Breakup, please do not sleep.

  • Yes, I want you to break up the ring.

  • If you do not like it, leave it.

  • If I do not have any value, do not call the ring.

  • Goodbye can be said to be away from life.

  • Amar Maya is not just in the book, it should be written in mind.

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50+ Sad Quotes in Nepali 2020
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